mech tron net

Mechatronics business network 

The MTN concept can be expressed by its members expertise integration, by high-tech machinery and well-qualified human resources that are always committed to endeavor for excellence by claiming maximum customer satisfaction. 

MTN: an effective competences synergy to guarantee innovation.


Is an engineering enterprise that can count on highly qualified human resources. The softwares : Autocad (lay-out); Catia V5, SolidWorks, Inventor, NX (Mechanical Design), ROBCAD and Process Simulate (process simulation) are used in the automotive field in order to reach maximum customer satisfaction.


An enterprise specialized in design and production of components and systems for industrial automation. More than 1000 applications for machine manufacturers, major users and multinational companies of the automotive field have been produced. Through the expertise shown over time, SAMEC could always provide a suitable response to customer’s requirements, developing ever more innovative solutions.


A company  born in the Piedmont’s cultural context, in tight connection with the industrial automation and robotics. It’s activity is focused on the development and the application of systems for the production control, customized according to the client’s specific needs.