About us

MTN, the acronym of MECH TRON NET, is a business network from the mechatronics field, an effective competences synergy to anticipate and exceed customer needs.MTN is involved in the development of sectorial projects in which the final product is represented by complex integrated systems in the fields of automotive, sheet metal forming and working, robotized systems and working islands and in machining by integrating manufacturing processes.

GM TEAM STUDIO is an engineering firm with 15 highly-qualified employees. It has the most modern and sophisticated software systems: AutoCAD (Lay-out), Catia V5, SolidWorks, Inventor, Unigrafics, NX (mechanical design), Process Simulation and RobCad. According to the product features and to the client’s requirements, GM Team Studio defines the process and develops the project by paying a strong attention to details.

SAMEC is specialized in the mechanical machining of precision parts for industrial automation.
It has 28 highly-professional employees and a technologically modern and innovative machine fleet, such as the horizontal machining centers with pallet changers Makino, the universal milling machines for 5-axis machining DMG MORI DMU 50, several CNC machines, the integration with CAD and CAM system and a modern metrological room. Samec has also a wide range of components in its catalogue: pneumatic holding devices, modular systems for robotized grippers and handling systems for transfer presses.

INGENIA AUTOMATION focuses on industrial and robotic automation.
Its core business is the development of robotic systems, handling systems for machine tools, welding plants and assembly integrated in the production chain. Ingenia Automation also designs software and hardware, programmable interfaces for CNC, PLC and Robot systems, offers the related services, post sales technical assistance, training courses for workers and maintenance technicians, plant maintenance services.

Thanks to the know-how possessed by these three companies, MTN produces complete systems for its clients, guaranteeing quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.